What is the need for a Portfolio and Why?

  • Published: August 29, 2019
  • Updated: August 29, 2019

A Portfolio is a sample of your work. Pieces of what you do or can do are neatly arranged in one place. So if someone wants to see what you can do, you can show them your portfolio. I will try to understand you through examples.

Suppose you went to the store to buy a shirt. When you go to a sidewalk or a brand store, one thing you will notice is that there are rows and rows of clothes neatly arranged in the store. That is the portfolio of that store. You turned around and saw the shirts, liked them, bought them. Or you chose a sweater, but it was getting smaller in size. Then the employee in charge of the shop gave you a shirt of the size or colour of your choice. Because they have shirts in stock, you are happy as a buyer (client) and will come again because their portfolio is your favourite. They have many varieties of shirts. Since the store has shirts and Punjabi pants, you may also like pants or Punjabi! And it turned out that you bought what was not in your plan!

Now we think the opposite. You went to the store to buy a shirt. You went and saw that the shop was empty and an employee with a smiling face! Now if he says, ‘Sir, we have five years of experience selling clothes. We have sold clothes to lots of buyers. Our cotton quality is world-class! We have a 2,000 dollars shirt that will make you look like Salman Khan, Tom Cruise!

Now you think like a buyer, would you pay for a shirt without looking at the shirt sample? Their whole shop is empty. How do you trust them? If you can’t show the client an example of the work, in what confidence will they give it to you?

Maybe you are the boss whatever you do. You have a lot of experience. But no one will dare to give work if you can’t show a work sample 🙂 Don’t think yourself coldly 🙂

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