Why we Learn WordPress Theme Development

  • Published: September 26, 2021
  • Updated: September 26, 2021

What is WordPress Theme Development?

It would be best to get started with HTML and CSS, no matter what web-based you create. Since PHP programming language is used to create WordPress, we cannot write HTML and CSS directly in WordPress. Suppose everyone in Europe or America speaks English. Now, if we go and talk in Other languages, will anyone understand? of course not. We have to convert to English and explain it to them. Put WordPress theme development is to translate a site created with HTML CSS into the languages of WordPress.

Why Learn Theme Development even after having so many Free and Paid themes?

I agree with you on this. One of the main reasons WordPress is so popular is that it has so many ready-made Themes and Plugins that anyone can easily create any website without any coding knowledge. There is no disagreement on this. 

Suppose we need to wear clothes. Ready clothes are available in many shopping malls or stores for this. We can easily buy clothes in the range of choice. Also, note that there are many ‘Ladies and Gents tailors’ where we can make clothes of our selection with the fabric. So the question is, why do we want to make clothes at Tailors even though there are so many shops? Not that Taylors are making business with loss! They also do significant interaction with the store in parallel.

The main reason for staying well is finding ready-made clothes in shops or shopping malls. But the problem is if you like the color, the quality of the clothes did not look good, then if you like the color and the quality, you can see that the design is not looking good, again it was seen that it is not being sized, the price is too much, etc. Now, if you buy clothes and go to the tailors, they will make the clothes of your choice. If you think of yourself as a shop, you can lose a lot of customers, and if you think of yourself as a tailor, then there is no chance of losing customers! You can make clothes the way the customer wants.

Similarly, when working with WordPress, you will find two types of clients. One type. Who does not have much demand or idea. They need a website only. For them, you can create websites with free or premium themes. The problem is with the second type. They need a different function, option or PSD, Figma to WordPress version required, etc. You can’t fill up their requirements with free or paid themes. not only by learning theme development, but you can also sell your custom WordPress theme in a various marketplace like ThemeForest, template monster, or your website quickly.

What do you need to know before learning Theme Development?

Must know basic HTML, CSS, and PHP. Also, it is perfect if you have a few themes customized with WordPress.

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