What do I put on the Portfolio Website?

  • Published: August 31, 2019
  • Updated: August 31, 2019

In the last two episodes, we discussed what a portfolio is and how to build a portfolio. Today we will discuss more interesting to put things on a portfolio website. I tried to give in the form of points below.

Logo – The logo’s first thing a user sees when visiting a website. That is the first attraction of the website. Since the website is named after you, you can design the name beautifully. No problem if you are not a graphic designer. There are lots of sites online where you can create logos. But I think whether you are a web developer or a digital marketer, you should learn basic Photoshop. It will give you a lot of benefits.

Slogan – You can use a small but exciting motto on the website. The saying will be the one that highlights your work.

Banner: You can use a large banner image on the website. But make sure the picture is your own. Suppose you can give a shot at working on a laptop.

About you – You can write a little about yourself in this section. And, of course, you will use a professional picture. Professional does not mean that you have to be very good at taking pictures. Normal can give a smiling picture and make sure your face is clear. You can also keep a list of your skills. And save a download button so that your CV will be downloaded in PDF format when you click. It is vital.

Service – In this section, you can write your service list. You will serve as much as you can. Don’t give up what you can’t. You can get into a lot of trouble later. So, write what you can service to buyers.

Portfolio – This time, let’s go to the most important place on the website. You will get the job through the portfolio. Everyone will check your portfolio. Many people make a common mistake. Which they make for making practise purpose, place it to the portfolio! Suppose you went to the store. You will see that different clothes are displayed in the doll. Shop employee puts their best clothes on display. So that makes attraction to you. Which store do you see the cheapest dresses on display? Then why do you put the work of practice in the portfolio? Judge your work before putting any position in the portfolio. If you think you can buy this product with money or think it is good, then put them in the portfolio. Why would anyone buy a job you don’t like after seeing it? If you are a web developer, you can have screenshots or live links to your work. As a graphic designer, you can have a screenshot of the work or a link to Dribble, Behance, Or. If you work in other sectors, you can make a screenshot of the work or even a video summarising your work.

Hear me – You can put a section with this name. Here you can put profile links of different marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. because many people do not have the courage or confidence to work outside the market.

Testimonial – The client will review you if you do different things. You can put some reviews here with pictures. If you are new, you can keep this section off for now. However, if you get reviews, turn it on. Seeing this, many will get the confidence to work.

Blog – This part is crucial. You can write about the subject you are working on. Then your knowledge will also increase, and another person will see and understand how well you can work. 

Contact – You can put a form here so that someone can contact you. You can keep your phone number, email etc., with you.

For now, this is how you can start your portfolio website. I will discuss portfolio website marketing in the next episode and keep the design relatively simple. So that everyone can read easily. Please do not copy anything from other people’s websites.

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