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Links needed for Front-End Developers

  • Published: June 11, 2020
  • Updated: June 11, 2020

For those who work with front-end development, some essential website links. Which always takes time to work. I hope everybody benefits. This post will be updated regularly. You can bookmark your needs.

CSS Frameworks

Bootstrap 5





We have to use different icons while designing the website. Which further enhances the beauty of the website. Here are links to some popular icon websites. You can use icons to suit your design needs.


A little more important in any website design is to choose a good font. The more beautiful your font, the more beautiful the site will be. One of the free fonts is Google’s own font. If you do not find the font you like, you can use other sites for custom fonts.

Free Stock Images

Lots of pictures need to be used for design. Copyright issues can occur if you download directly from Google. You can’t get Manmat pictures again. If you like the picture again, you can see the large size. Many such problems. For this, there are various photo websites from where you can download free photos as you wish. No more copyright issues.

Code Validation

You don’t just write the code. The code has to be properly valid. Otherwise it will not support all browsers. There is also the problem. Manual checking is a lot of trouble when the code gets too big. That’s why there are various websites where you can upload your code to see if the code is valid. Problems somewhere in the code, will tell you what to fix.

Code Format

We often write code randomly. Although it works just fine. One of the qualities of a good coder is to write code well. Many times the code becomes random despite the desire. If the code is too much then fixing one by one is a lot of trouble. For this reason there are various websites where you can fix the code format.

Responsive / Mobile Friendly Check

Nowadays one of the features of the website is that it can be viewed well on all types of devices. There are different types of mobiles, tablets, laptops or monitors of different sizes. The design should be done in such a way that it can be seen better from all the devices. The problem is that not everyone has access to so many devices. There are different websites for this where you can easily see what your website will look like on different devices.

Website Speed

Website speed is very important. Since a large portion of website users use mobile phones. For this, the faster the speed of the website, the less time and less data is required to load the website from the mobile phone. There are some websites to check the website speed

Favicon Generator



GitHub Pages





Shape Divider



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