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How to be a Front-end Developer?

  • Published: September 6, 2021
  • Updated: September 6, 2021

First, you need to learn HTML well. With this, we create the structure or markup of the website. It’s a simple matter. You have to know very well. Suppose pillars, walls, ceilings, etc., are HTML when building a house.

Then it’s time to design our website. For this, we have to use CSS. Using CSS, we can create the website nicely. CSS is like we paint the house, put glass on the windows, put tiles, etc.

After learning HTML and CSS, we should be done a few projects with those. If you do the task perfectly, you will better understand HTML and CSS. If there is a problem with the previous learning, it will be solved. Try to do at least 3-5 projects. Do not skip, even if it takes time. This step is essential. If necessary, take time to do tasks. If you understand a lot and do several projects, you can easily understand the next thing. After that, you need to learn how to make a website for all devices like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop etc., which is called Responsive / Mobile Friendly Design.

Now, many people say to start JavaScript or CSS Framework Bootstrap. Here I will give another suggestion. Many may disagree.

Now you should learn PSD / Figma / XD to HTML. There is not much time needed to learn those. Code you already know. Just learn how to properly apply code from PSD or Figma to font size or margin, padding, etc.

Now it’s our turn to learn SASS and FlexBox. If you have a good understanding of CSS and have done several projects, it should not take more than 4-5 days to learn SASS and FlexBox. I am not kidding. As I said before, the better you know HTML and CSS, the smoother the way forward. And yes, don’t forget to project at least 1 hour with SASS and FlexBox.

This time it’s JavaScript’s turn to jump into the sea. There is no need to bathe well. For now, learn basic JavaScript. This time it’s JavaScript’s turn to jump into the sea. There is no need to wash well. For now, learn Basic JavaScript. Learn arrays, loops, functions, variables, etc. It may seem a little complicated here, but nothing to fear. You learned so much and got stuck in JavaScript? Never

Then learn JavaScript Library JQuery. Just remember the basics, no need to go deep. Because we have to use different JQuery plugins to make the website come alive, you can quickly learn these plugins if you know more about JQuery.

This time it’s our turn to learn the hot topic CSS Framework Bootstrap. You can study the Grid before learning. If you know Grid and have already learned SAASFlexBox, and JQuery plugins, you have nothing to learn from Bootstrap! Because the Bootstrap is made with these!

Now it’s our turn to start Projects again. Keep designing Business or Restaurant or E-commerce or different categories of the website. The more projects you create, the more you will learn, and these will help you get Freelancing or a Job.

Then you can learn Gulp. This is a task runner. You can quickly know if you have more knowledge of JavaScript.

There is nothing to be afraid of seeing significant writing. If someone gave me 2 hours daily to learn these, it shouldn’t take more than six months.

Many questions whether web design and front-end development are the same. Almost called Same. The essential difference is that Web Design is static. Whatever you give will come. There is no life in it. It can be called a robot. If you use JavaScript well, you can make it more dynamic by using JavaScript frameworks or libraries such as React or Vue or Angular to make things easier. So for a web designer, finish all the above things well and spend a good time in JavaScript. Then you can be a good front-end developer. Not only this, with the help of good JavaScript, you can do the work in the back end.

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