Freelancing and Outsourcing. Episode – 2

  • Published: June 10, 2020
  • Updated: June 10, 2020

In the last episode, I talked about ‘Freelancing and Outsourcing. If you want to do freelancing and outsourcing, you have to learn a skill well. The first problem is ‘what to learn, why to learn, how to learn. I will try to discuss this topic in today’s episode.

It is becoming more and more challenging to get a job in today’s society. The number of students leaving each year is not increasing. This is why many people are now eager to earn money through online work. Of course, a lot of work is available online. All is well. Newcomers are pushed first without getting answers to what to learn, how to learn etc. Many become frustrated. I’m trying to share my small experience with everyone 🙂

What will I Learn?

In response, I would say, “whatever you like”. It was seen that such a someone earns thousands of dollars by designing logos or such, and such a is building a website and building a five-story house. Seeing this, you also started the flame of making a logo or website without thinking anything. At first, your mistake is in this place. They are already in a good position in any sector, but they did not come to this position overnight. I learned to work day after day, went to this state with a lot of hard work. One day or a month comes to this state after learning to work.

A big reason to work for a long time is that they love his work and enjoy doing it. So do not bother to learn to work day after day. This is one of the reasons for his success. For example, when we hang out with friends or go to the movies or go for a walk, we don’t know where the time is going. But do you like to take the test? No, because you do not find any joy in the exam. If you liked taking the exam, you would enjoy taking the exam.

So I would say, before learning any skill, do some research on that subject, do a Google search and try to understand that subject. Practice that for a while. See if you enjoy doing this. If you want it, you like the work, then start the learning.

How to Learn?

After some research and practice, you have decided on a subject that you are interested in becoming proficient in. Now you have to know the issue deeply. You have to learn. The problem that everyone gets in this situation is how to learn better. There are two ways to learn. Watch one video and read another text or book.


YouTube is a great way to learn by watching video tutorials. Here you will find many videos about what you are interested in learning. If you are interested only in the topic of your interest, such as ‘logo design’, then search by typing ‘logo design’. Watch, and you will get many videos. Do problems understand English? Then search by typing “logo design Bangla”. You will find lots of Bengali language videos.

Start watching any one series. The video shows the first thing we do. Then I downloaded all the videos and filled the hard disk. In this way, there is no profit. (I also download a lot of videos myself. I don’t remember why I downloaded the video after a few days. And Shikha?)

First, download a video. Then start seeing. Don’t forget to watch the full video. No matter how big the video. Do not watch for more than 2-3 minutes. Pause and practice as much as you can see. When the practice is over, watch the 2-3 minute video again and practice as before. Although initially time-dependent, the speed will gradually increase in the fall. I have benefited a lot from seeing this way 🙂

At first, it won’t be easy to understand, but do not give up. No matter how hard it is, keep learning. Indeed the fruit of patience is sweet.

*** Try to follow the English video. It will teach you English since freelancing and outsourcing are done with people outside the country. Then knowing this English will be proper.


If you want to learn something in-depth, I suggest you Google it. Because it is impossible to show all the details in the video, you will find details on various blogs or websites if you are interested in web search, type ‘web development. Watch, and you will get many videos.

Do problems understand English? Then search by typing “Web Development Bangla”. The way to understand is advantageous. And if you don’t see anything clear after watching the video, try to Google it out. Many will see this problem before. Their concerns have been solved. You will get yours too. 🙂

Lastly, I would like to say that if you can’t learn even after having two teachers like Google and YouTube, then it is your fault. These two teachers have the solution to all the things in the world. The problem is they won’t come to you. You have to go to them. So far, no one could send in the perfect solution.

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