Freelancing and Outsourcing. Episode – 3

  • Published: June 15, 2020
  • Updated: June 15, 2020

Nowadays, Freelancing has become an essential source of income. We all want to make money. Since many ways to earn money through Freelancing, many young people and students have become interested in Freelancing. The problem is that many people are opening accounts in different freelance marketplaces without realizing it. Many people think that Freelancing is money and money! Not thinking about its advantages/disadvantages. In today’s episode, I will discuss the advantages/disadvantages of Freelancing and what to look for when opening an account in any marketplace.

The benefits of Freelancing

  • One of the benefits of Freelancing is that you can make money doing whatever you want. Art or writing or programming that you like to earn by working.
  • If you have a job, you must have 10-5 hours in the office. There is no problem in freelancing like eating boss bush, being under pressure, waking up on time in the morning, etc. Here you are, your boss. Will work if desired. Suppose you do not want to work! No one has anything to say.
  • Since here, you have been independent. You can do a few things at once if you want. The more work you can do, the more money you can make. There is no fixed salary like the job. Income depends on how well you know and how much work pressure you can take.
  • Since working with an outside company or customer creates a good idea about the outside world. Know the culture, history, etc., of different countries. Which increases the scope of your knowledge.
  • You have to chat or video call with customers while working since English is an international language. So why not say how to call in a chat or video call. It would be best if you spoke English. Since English is not our mother tongue, our English language has also become a language. As well as talking while looking at the video call. Then it will be to your advantage to speak in front of future job interviews or many.
  • You are freelancing since you can stay at home. Then you can spend more time with your family. The marital bond will be stronger. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. You can come out with your family if you have less work pressure if you want. You can go somewhere far away for a few days. Freelancers only have a laptop and internet connection!

Disadvantages of Freelancing

  • A very competitive market. There are many to work with. Getting a job at first is a little complicated. Solution: But if you have the skill, hard work, and effort, you will get the job.
  • Harmful to the body and eyes because you have to work in front of the computer for a long time. Solution: Try to do 5 minutes of walking or light exercise every 20 minutes without sitting continuously. Then there will be problems. Use comfortable chairs to work while sitting side by side.
  • Your account may be banned at any time, or you may not be able to get regular work. Solution: If you have the skills and work portfolio, you can do another marketplace or remote job

How to arrange a Profile in the Marketplace?

You don’t just have to open an account in the marketplace. Many things have to be made beautiful. You can compare your profile with any store. The better the decoration of a store, the better the quality of the product, the more interested the customer will be in shopping from that store. Also, arrange every part of your profile with great care. Here I will discuss some common issues of all marketplace profiles.

Username: This is a significant point. I don’t care much when opening an account. I give it the name of my choice. Username but cannot be changed. Try to use the same username on all social media. As a result, anyone can recognize you by looking at the username.

Profile Picture: This is as important as the username. If you do not have too many problems, try to give your picture. Use professional pictures. Professional does not mean that you have to dress up or wear expensive clothes. Even if you wear plain clothes, there is no problem. Make sure that your face is very well understood in the picture. And try to use the same image on all social media. Even if the client can’t remember your name, the chances of recognizing you by looking at the pictures are much higher.

Email: You can use the same standard email. It is better to open an account with this exact email, open an account to withdraw money, etc. Then it will be convenient for you to verify.

Description: When opening an account in any marketplace, you have to write something about yourself. Try to present yourself concisely. So that when you wear it, it is about you

Adding Skills: Of course, you add your skills. There are ways to add skills in different ways in each marketplace. Only add skills that you are good at. Don’t go for less than your full potential. Seeing the talent, the client will get confidence to give you the job.

Portfolio: You don’t just have to add skills. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Because no one will dare to trust you just by looking at the craft, there are some blogs I have written about the portfolio for what portfolio is, how to do it, what to keep. I am giving the link below.

Applying for a job: It will not happen if you have a skill or a portfolio. You need to apply for the job. This is the most challenging thing. The exact position is available in each marketplace. You have to send a buyer request somewhere, and somewhere you have to bid. No matter what you do, there are some things to keep in mind before applying for a job. Read the work demand well. Read carefully if you can. Then you can add some of your feedback on how to do the work so that the quality of work is better. I can’t do half, and I can’t do half. Don’t forget to apply for such a position. Apply for the job after being 100% sure. Failure to do so may be detrimental to your profile and may lead to problems finding work in the future.

They are not just freelancing. Honesty is one of the ways to succeed in any endeavor. Tell the client as much as you can. Do not skip work by putting the client in danger by doing half work or hurrying. Remember that a freelancer represents a country just as a player represents a country. Besides, they play an essential role in its economy by earning foreign currency. So you have to be vigilant so that your mistake does not tarnish the country’s image.।

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